Each year we maintain a bank of some 700 active volunteers (plus another few hundred at Christmas!), and we fill 244 shifts every week! We also have around 10 work place students each semester. In a sector which sees a high turn over, we are unique in having long-serving volunteers, with quite a few providing us with more than 20 years dedicated help and service.

Our volunteers are incredibly important to us and provide the horsepower for the program areas. Volunteers are worth over $1 million each year in terms of the time they give to us and our visitors.

Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in the following areas:
  • Community Services Centre
  • Wayside Youth
  • Aboriginal Project
  • Wayside Cafe
  • Twilight Team
  • Wayside Op Shop
  • Administration & Fundraising

We are currently recruiting new volunteers!

Your journey as a Wayside volunteer begins by attending an Information Session.

 Our next information session will be held in Wayside’s Community Hall on Thursday 16 October 2014 from 6:00pm.  

Rev Graham Long will speak to you about Wayside’s mission and values, and you’ll gain an understanding of our program areas and activities, plus the diverse volunteering opportunities on offer at Wayside. 

Please register here to be part of this information session. Places are limited.


Contact Matthew Robertson for further information by email waysidevollies@thewaysidechapel.com

Christmas Volunteers

Thank you from the bottom of Wayside's heart for the 200 + volunteers who made Christmas 2013 a huge success. Each year, volunteers make sure Christmas Day Street Party at Wayside is great!. Volunteer roles include everything from food service, manning the tattoo parlour, to table decorating and are usually around 3-4 hours in duration. Volunteer registrations open on Monday, 1 December 2014 at 9am, at which time an online registration form will be accessible from the homepage of this website. Please note that shifts are full by 9.15am so make sure you're online at 9am.


Corporate Volunteering Program

With corporate philanthropy on the rise, more companies and employees are interested in what they can contribute to their community. To fulfill this need we have been offering Corporate Days since March 2007.

The day offers more than a straight volunteering process; the aim is to engage corporate volunteers with both Wayside and the issues that are faced by many who visit us here.

Morning session (10am - 1pm)

Introduction to The Wayside Chapel

The Wayside Programs

Discussion on mental health, homelessness & drug & alcohol abuse

Walking tour around the local Kings Cross area

Afternoon session (1pm - 3pm)

Prepare, cook and serve a BBQ lunch for our community

Debrief on the day, including a Q&A session

The Corporate Day also acts as a great team building exercise for the companies involved.

For more info on Corporate Days, download our brochure or contact Marcus on 9581 9106 or corporateday@thewaysidechapel.com

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