Our Patron and Ambassadors

General David Hurley - Patron
Governor of NSW, General David Hurley accepted Vice Regal Patronage of The Wayside Chapel on 2nd October, 2014.His Excellency has had a distinguished career in the military spanning 42 years. In 2008, His Excellency was appointed to the position of Vice Chief of the Defence Force. In 2010, he became a Companion of the Order of Australia for eminent service to the Australian Defence Force. He was promoted to General and assumed his appointment as the Chief of the Defence Force on 4 July 2011, until his retirement from the Australian Regular Army on 30 June 2014. He was sworn in as the 38th Governor of NSW on 2 October 2014. We are honoured to have His Excellency as our Patron.

David Wenham – Ambassador
David became involved with Wayside at a young age. His father would take him on outings from the family home in Marrickville to the heart of the Cross to see productions in Wayside’s run down little theatre. Years later, when David moved to Potts Point, he reconnected with Wayside. Inspired by his father, who admired the work of Ted Noffs and volunteered for over 50 years with St Vincent’s de Paul, David became a Wayside ambassador in 2004. David has appeared in box-office successes such as 300, Van Helsing, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Australia, as well as some of Australia's much-loved television shows, including SeaChange.

Indira Naidoo - Ambassador

Indira and The Wayside Chapel share a passion for growing produce in small spaces. Late last year, Indira launched a book last year called The Edible Balcony, which details a 12-month period where she grew produce on her 13th floor balcony in Potts Point and cooked up a storm in her kitchen. Indira is well known from her career with ABC and SBS in broadcast journalism. She has also acted as a consumer communications consultant to the United Nations trade arm in Geneva and various environmental and community organisations. In 2009, Naidoo was one of 261 candidates selected to be trained in Melbourne by Former US Vice President Al Gore to conduct regular presentations about the impacts of anthropogenic climate change.

Claudia Karvan – Ambassador
Claudia grew up around the corner from Wayside and spent many childhood hours traipsing around the nooks and crannies of the old Wayside building. Claudia describes Wayside as a geographical landmark on the map of her childhood, and says that as a child she was aware of the madness, warmth and colour that emanated from Wayside. Claudia met Graham in 2005 and was won over by ‘his lightness in the face’ and his monumental and courageous undertaking. She became a Wayside ambassador shortly after they met. Claudia is one of Australia’s most respected and acclaimed film and television actors – she has appeared in the television series The Secret Life of Us and Love My Way. She was also a producer and writer on Love My Way. She currently stars in the drama series Spirited.

Kylie Kwong - Ambassador

Kylie opened her new Billy Kwong restaurant in mid December 2014 down the road from Wayside and has incorporated Wayside's mission of creating a community with 'no us and them' into her mantra. Experienced restauranter, celebrity chef, prominent author & much loved TV presenter, Kylie Kwong is Wayside's newest Ambassador and a perfect fit given her views on sustainability. Kylie believes that fresh food definately tastes better and our food choices should be ethical, sustainable and supportive of both the natural and human environments. She has enjoyed many visits to Wayside's rooftop garden and will use Wayside's honey, plus other herbs in her restaurant.

Jason Grant - Ambassador

Since moving to Sydney, Jason Grant has adopted Bondi as home. An Interior Stylist, author of two books and a creative consultant, Jason loves the beach and his Boston Terrier. His style is relaxed, laid back and casual. Jason loves living the creative life and with a positive, can-do attitude, and is a friend of Wayside who has been involved from the start of The Wayside Chapel heading to the sea. He is using his skills, time and contacts to work a little magic over the Bondi outpost, and loves feeling a part of the vibrant community in the eastern suburbs.

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