Individual volunteering

Wayside is blessed with over 800 volunteers who cover over 250 shifts each and every week. Without the commitment of our volunteers, we could not open our doors and welcome the community in. Our volunteers are the first to greet all visitors at our front desk, to serve customers in our Op Shop and make a hot cuppa for those in need who visit our Café.

Our volunteers are incredibly important to us and provide the horsepower for the program areas. Volunteers are worth over $1 million each year in terms of the time they give to us and our visitors.

Volunteers have the opportunity to contribute in the following areas:

• Community Services Centre - Kings Cross
• Community Services Centre - Bondi
• Wayside Youth
• Aboriginal Project
• Wayside Cafe
• Twilight Team
• Day to Day Living
• Pathways Project
• Congregation
• Op Shop
• Administration & Support
• Building Services & Facilities
• Marketing & Fundraising

Your journey as a Wayside volunteer begins by attending our Volunteer Induction Session. At this session you will gain an understanding of Wayside’s mission, programs and the huge range of opportunities to be involved in our community as a volunteer.

Click here to create a profile in our volunteer portal, so that you can sign up for a Volunteer Induction.

Our upcoming Volunteer Inductions are:

Wednesday 11 May, 1pm – 3pm – Kings Cross

Thursday 17 March, 12pm – 3pm – Bondi *
Sunday 24 July 2016, 1pm – 3pm – Kings Cross
Sunday 11 September 2016, 1pm – 3pm - Kings Cross
Sunday 13 November 2016, 1pm – 3pm - Kings Cross

* This session is only for people who have weekday availability and would like to volunteer at our Community Services Centre in Bondi and our North Bondi Op Shop.

For further information about volunteering at Wayside, please contact Matthew Robertson at waysidevollies@thewaysidechapel.com.

If you're already a volunteer and wish to login to the volunteer portal you can do so here.

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