Over 50% of the funds that Wayside operates on a daily basis is privately donated, which means people like you are helping us to open our doors in Kings Cross everyday. We have now partnered with Everyday Hero to make it extremely simple for you to set up an online page to fundraise for us.

You can be sponsored for anything, from a bike ride to an ocean swim to a marathon. Or ask for people to donate instead of giving presents or flowers for events like a birthday, a wedding or a memorial service.

This process could not be easier, by clicking on this image (right) you can visit our Everyday Hero page, or go to Once you are on the page, click on theBuild Fundraising Page Now’ button and within 5 minutes you’ll have created your very own fundraising page. You are able to personalise your page, from choosing the colour to adding a photo or videos. You will then be asked to nominate an amount as your target to raise (and remember if you reach that target you can always up it again!).


Once the page is set up it is up to you; send an email, phone a friend, harass your family. It’s an easy way to let everyone know about what we do here at Wayside and a way you can really make a difference.

So if you’re going to age, swim, party, run, commit for life or sweat isn’t it time you were sponsored to do so?


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