Christmas by the Wayside

There's nothing quite like a Wayside Christmas! On Friday, 25 December 2015, over 800 people from all walks of life will descend on Hughes St for our annual Christmas Day Street Party. The day is a reminder of the true values of Christmas - generosity, gratitude and giving back. Since its humble beginnings as a back-lane BBQ, the now famous street party has had one main objective – to bring people in the community together. Find out how you can get involved here.

Wayside Christmas Appeal
Our Wayside Café is one of the most important aspects of our work. People walk into our cafe every day thinking they’re all alone in this world. Addiction, mental health issues, homelessness, social isolation and domestic violence create deep wounds in the souls of some of the most vulnerable members of our society. And it is often seated at our café’s chairs that our dedicated team of community workers encourage people towards better health and better days. This Christmas we’re raising money to make sure our Cafe is fully funded for the next 12 months. Can you help? You can donate here.

What's On at Wayside
No two weeks at Wayside are ever the same. We host a vast array of social and recreational activities along with classes in living skills. To find out what's on this week, view the Activity Planner.

Under the banner of Love over Hate, Wayside's programs and services are designed to ensure that the most marginalised members of our community have access to essential health, welfare, social and recreational services, as well as offering a place where people are welcome just to 'be'.
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